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Bate, Mike "Red" (1973-1975)

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Hometown:  Boston, MA

Unit at Loring:  42nd AMMS

First day at Loring:

Oct 3rd..came up from home where it was 70 degrees to the base which was 31 and snowing a little. Got intro'd to squadron, then played flag football that evening after which we all ended up at the Rendezvous. A great initiation! The next day..had my car radiator super winterized!

Most memorable experience:  

We had the oldest barracks on base, but it was like being in a ski lodge(all finished wood etc)...and... connected via tunnel to the WAF dorm....heh heh.

 There was another "Red", great guy, who was a super golfer and officers from all over the country would come in and take him golfing all the time...which allowed us never to worry about inspections etc.

 I tell my kids how we all had to leave the cars running so they wouldn't freeze up at times. They still don't believe me.  Lost all the hair on my legs due to the cold there.

All in all, a great experience though.

 Never watch the "Snow Snakes"  when driving... else you'll end up in a potato field!

Hope everyone who experienced the place is doing well in life.


Last Day at Loring:  

After having my "short" boots and hat on display for a month..said so long to everyone

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