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Bayko, Peter (1970-1972)

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Home Town: Somersworth, NH
Unit at Loring: 42 FMS
First Day at Loring: My first day at Loring was Dec. 1970 COLD after spending the previous year in Vietnam.
Most Memorable Experience: There were many stories about Loring. I guess one of the more memorable one was a spring time boat ride down the Aroostook River to Fort Fairfield, the trip down was fine getting back to where we parked the truck and the trailer was the trick, the boat had a 5 horse outboard on it and was definitely  not powerful enough to make head way back, we finally got the boat to shore tied it off and walked back to the truck and drove back to where we left the boat and picked it up. Trip was about 30 min down and 3+ hours trying to get back.
Last Day at Loring: My last day was a day of mixed feelings I had been transferred and and was going back close to home  (Pease AFB)  was questioning if it was a good move . I had made many good friends  at Loring. 
What did you do after Loring? Transferred to Pease AFB did not like it there. Cross trained to Tail Gunner on B-52's was stationed at Griffiths remained there until I got out in 1976. Applied for an Machinist Apprenticeship at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard retired from there in 1994. Went to work at the University of New Hampshire as a computer tech, retired from there in 2006 to baby sit my grandsons. Have made 2 trips back to the base. The first of those trips was 10 days before the Air Force pulled out of Loring. My wife had called the base and inquired if we would have a problem getting on the base, was transferred to the base information office set us up for a tour of the base, I think we gave her more information about the base then she gave us. I did get to drive my vehicle to place I never would of gone been allowed to go when I was stationed, down part of the runway and over and through the weapons storage area. 
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