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Bell, Colin (1978-1980)

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Home Town: Buena Park, CA
Unit at Loring: 42 CES/FD
First Day at Loring: Arrived in the middle of a blizzard, started in processing and issued Parka and Mukluks. I had never been anywhere before it got dark so early. Went to bed when it got dark because I was in a temp room. Got woke up about an hour later with guys from the FD and said they were going inner tubing thought it was  0200 when it turned out to be about 1800. Nothing like being dragged around on an inner tube by a car behind the dorm. What a great night and lasting memory!   
Most Memorable Experience: Power plant fire in the winter of 78, all military members that fought the fire got admitted into the base hospital for observation due to the PCB's in the transformers. We spent three days in the hospital, they cleared out pediatrics and put us all in there. The antic that we did and for those that were there the things we cant share in a public form will always make me laugh. Thank goodness we were all ok but it was a bit of a scare. 
Last Day at Loring: Very sad day, leaving behind friends that you had made and continue to be friends to this day. Also leaving behind my x-wife and daughter, probably one of the hardest things I have ever done in life. 
What did you do after Loring? I continued my career in the fire service, I have been a DOD Civilian since 1982. I am now an Assistant Fire Chief at Naval Base Ventura County in California
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