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Berntson, John K (1978-1980)

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Home Town: Hampton Bays, NY
Unit at Loring: 42 SupS/LGSF (POL)
First Day at Loring: January.  Arrived Presque Isle in a snow storm.  Baggage claim under carport.  Bag missing.  Four of us in a taxi.  McDonalds in PI.  Billeting late.  Overslept next morning.
Most Memorable Experience: Being on the flightline on mid shift.  So dark you could see satellites moving across the sky.  And being curled up in the ribs of a B52 during a two-hour refuel at ten below zero.
Last Day at Loring: August.  Warm and sunny.  Klaxon sounded, went to watch.  When lights stopped, drove on - sky cop *under* light (which he could not see) pulled me over for ignoring light.  Cleared processing and headed south.
What did you do after Loring? Technical Instructor (POL, Chanute), missile warning programmer at HQ SAC.  Defense contractor, computer and fuels (Galena Airport, AK, 1993-95).  Software developer for MCI and Reuters.  Mover and shaker in Libertarian Party of Colorado.  Now work at wife's family fuel oil business on Long Island.  Write fiction.
If you agree, people can contact you at (email): jkbcolosp@gmail.com