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Bouley, Michael (1974-1978)

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Hometown:  Providence RI

Unit at Loring:  42nd Transportation

First day at Loring:

1 April 1974 arrive at Presq Air Port, gray day, snow still tail deep to a giraffe, Took AF bus to Loring, driver a buck sergeant drove like a maniac. Got to the barracks, asked if there was a place to eat. 1st Sergeant said NCO club. I could not walk through the snow to get there.

Most memorable experience:  

FB111 goes down. POL steals a R5 re fueler off the VDP line (Vehicle Down for Parts Line) then drives it to the crash site to refuel the helicopters going in and out of the crash site. The refueler broke down with 30,000 pounds of JP4 on the highway and the State Police would not allow road flares. This was in the 0100 HRS time. Motor Pool told me that they tried to tow the R5 back but could not. I was working nights being the only GI with 6 civilians. I looked at St Perrie and asked him if he thought a BO10 (Oskosh Snow Blower) could tow that R5 back, he said yes. So we dropped the blower head off the BO10 and St Perrie brought that R5 back. As a 2 striper, I sure had allot of responsibility.

Last Day at Loring:  

Loaded up the 1966 Chevelle October and drove to RI. Then caught flight to Kunsan Korea.

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