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Bradshaw, Donald (1977-1979)

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Home Town: Charlotte, NC
Unit at Loring: 42SPS
First Day at Loring: COLD! I believe it was 30 Oct, I had just spent the entire summer and fall in San Antonio. When we landed at Presque Ilse it was 19.
Most Memorable Experience: When a new guy would come to flight we would tell them there was about to be a line change on one of the alert BUFFS and we needed about 200ft of flight line to rope off the AC. Once in the middle of winter we sent one looking for flight line, He came back stating that he couldn't find it because it must have been under all the snow! LOL
Last Day at Loring: Sunny, warm and busy. I had got married the year before so making sure everything was done before leaving made it a busy day.
What did you do after Loring? Retired from the USAF Security Police in 95. Have been a civilian cop since with 18 months till I can retire again.
If you agree, people can contact you at (email): dwbradshaw59@aol.com