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Breidenbach, Don (1971-1975)

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Hometown:  Belleville, Illinois

Unit at Loring:  407th AREFS

First day at Loring:

We arrived on Christmas eve and there was no place to stay. We ended up in a little motel in Caribou - a real dump.Nervous, A whole new life starting, Didn't know what to expect.

Most memorable experience:  

My last flight. We blew the hydrolic pump in the #4 engine and had to shut it down. Then we got a fire warning light in the #2 engine. We sent the boomer back to look (Tsgt Bob Davis from Houlton - one of the best boomers in the squadron and a great friend). He didn't see any flames so we ignored the warning. Then our friends at the command post called and wanted us to do a refueling. Despite our pleas they insisted so we struggled along and gave a B-52 a token offload so he could fill a square. I could go on and on about that mission.

Last Day at Loring:  

It was in October of 1975 and it seemed like forever before all the paperwork was done to get me out of there. We drove to Bangor and I took by dress shoes and threw them in the dumpster at the hotel.

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