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Bruno, Dan (1973 -1975)*

Profile Added:    8/27/2013 7:35:42
1974 flight From 2012-03-03
1974 flight From 2012-03-03
1974 flight From 2012-03-03
Biker wife Betty and me, now living in Van Buren (From 2012-03-03)
Home Town:    Uxbridge, MA
Unit at Loring:    Wing Communication Branch NCOIC
First Day at Loring:   
Most Memorable Experience:    The surprise visit during work hours of the Canadain Snow Birds flying team and Nixon return visit from Russia.  And, met my wife (Betty Nadeau)from Van Buren and next year will be our 40th anniversity. Our first born at Loring Hospital.
Last Day at Loring:   
What did you do after Loring?    "After Loring assignment to 1836 EIS, Germany followed by discharge.  Eight years later rejoined the military for another 19 years with the Army.  Retired in Sep 2003 as a SFC and final PCS move to Van Buren.
Worked at Loring Job Corps as their Safety/Security supervisor for 5 yrs and than 1 year at DFAS.  NOW, fully retired!!"
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