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Busse, Bill (1970-1974)

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Home Town: Wilkes-Barre, PA  / Now in Washburn, ME
Unit at Loring: 42 FMS / Machine Shop
First Day at Loring: It was late December, Flight from Logan was canceled due to a winter storm.  Spent the night sleeping on my duffle bag in the terminal. Next day, or night I should say, caught the last flight to Presque Isle, ME.  By the time we arrived at Presque Isle we were in the middle of another storm.  The plane ride was a piece of cake compared to the Base Shuttle Bus in a 30 mile trip in a snow storm to the Base.
Most Memorable Experience: I will say though my time at Loring was one of the best times in my life.  It was the only base I was station at and I can't imagine a better place to work.  The people I worked and lived with were great and the local people are wonderful.  I like it so much I stayed in the area.  Married a wonderful local Gal from Ft. Fairfield.  We now live in Washburn.  Raised 2 great kids and have 4 Grand Children.  I'm Co-Owner of a manufacturing firm in Caribou.
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