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Combs, Cheryl (1975-1978)

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Home Town: Watson, Ok
Unit at Loring: Hospital
First Day at Loring: Well first thing after stepping on the base I was told I had to see the Base Commander because I had been AWOL! My vacation form had not reached the base thank goodness I had my approved copy! After that I got my temporary room in the dorm, my supervisor came over to meet me and with some of my co workers we all went to dinner. Those people became fast friends that I remember fondly. Then the orientation! Telling me about snow over my head, yeah right I said. I'm from Oklahoma so couldn't imagine such a thing! I was proved WRONG!!!! 
Most Memorable Experience: There were so many stories I don't really have a favorite
Last Day at Loring: I cried I didn't want to leave! I loved the base, my friends, the surrounding countryside and it's people, York's restaurant over in Canada. I loved it all!
What did you do after Loring? Went on to Carswell AFB, Tx then went to college, married, had 3 beautiful children, divorced, and just raised my children, had fun, and worked.
If you agree, people can contact you at (email): clcombs2000@yahoo.com