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Cook, Tom (1976-1980)

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Hometown:  Butler, NJ

Unit at Loring:  42 Comm

First day at Loring:

Got into the area around 1800, went to billiting with the wife and cat found out that they would not let pets into the rooms so went to the little motel out on the road from Carbou. Wife almost slammed the girl behind the desk when she asked how many hours we were going to stay. After that night we snuck the cat into billiting until we found an apartment in Limestone (the old morgue) but that in itself is another story.

Most memorable experience:  

There are a lot. Working at the Ski Area, snow machines, hunting, drinking, horse shoes etc.

Last Day at Loring:  

Applied for the homestead tour and hoped to buy a house off base as we would have liked to stay there. Was told that 4 years was enough so decided to get out. At the last minute they offered me Pease. Took it. The rest is history until the fight with the wing king in Korea.

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