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Weldon, Darrell (1974-1975)

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Home Town: Belchertown
Unit at Loring: Munitions
First Day at Loring: Cold. Arrived in January and I think the temp was about -10.
Most Memorable Experience: "Worked in the Weapons Storage Area. We were originally set up inside one of the bunkers but got the go ahead to take over a building just outside the compound. We fixed it up and created some nice working spaces. The building also had a lake behind it and we wanted to put a picnic table there. We tried getting one from Rec Services but they had none.
One of our non-comm's decided there were enough of them on the main base that we could ""borrow"" so we jumped in the deuce and half and went trolling. We spotted one sitting outside HQ building and jumped out to load it onto the truck. As we were carrying it a first shirt came out yelling ""where you going with that?"". Got to hand it to our non-comm for really quick thinking as he replied, ""we're from Rec Services; gonna paint it and fix that loose leg"". The first shirt was thrilled. All he wanted to know was how soon he would get it back.

But the story doesn't end there. We also ""found"" a long chain and a padlock to secure the table to a tree so no one would ""borrow"" from us. We really enjoyed sitting out there for lunch and doing some fishing too. Then a few weeks later one of co-workers came running into the office saying ""guys you ain't gonna believe this!"". He led us out to a back window that overlooked the lake. Sitting at ""our"" table and doing some fishing was the same first shirt who thought we were going to fix his table. Luckily we really did paint it. A whole different color. And luckily he never saw us there, the guys from ""Rec Services""."
Last Day at Loring: Happy to be going home to begin college.
What did you do after Loring? I've had a long career in Information Technology that has included owning a consulting business that I sold in the 90's. About 11 years ago I took an IT position with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Ironically part of Loring including the WSA is now one of the National Wildlife Refuges (Aroostook) that I support.
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