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Ervin, Jim (1973 - 1977)

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Home Town: Fort Worth
Unit at Loring: Admin
First Day at Loring: Lonely- October 1973 ..lived in Limestone - above the laundry mat - car problems the day before I reported - started walking earlier on a Monday morning - was picked up and taken to base HQ - it was cold - sun not up - recall there was a flat bed truck from Tinker AFB in OKC - where I was raised - really wanted to ride back to OKC with him - presentation of the colors as the sun came up ...........don't think I have ever been that lonely ever in my life ..........
Most Memorable Experience: "Off base - eating @ York's in Canada & eating @ Ma Duddley's in Presque Isle ....... great food!
On base - being assigned to ORI for two weeks each year & time spent @ the PDO - great bunch of guys and one civilian - Bill Shaw ........
Flying in a KC-135 a couple of times to Carswell AFB in Fort Worth......
Hearing Gayle sing @ the officers club"
Last Day at Loring: July of 1977 - glad to be going home - too much cold & snow for this OKIE!
What did you do after Loring? "Went to OKC - went to work for AAA (American Automobile Ass.) August 7, 1977 ..... divorced in November 1979 ..........remarried in JUne of 1981- transfered from OKC to Fort Worth in October 1989 - retired from AAA December 2010 - 33 1/2 years ..........
Still married ..........."
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