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Fekete, John M. (1979-1982)

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Hometown:  Howell, NJ

Unit at Loring:  42 SPS/"D" Flight Security

First day at Loring:

IVery cold!! Landed at Presque Isle Int'l Airport. Shared a ride in a taxi with four others headed for Loring AFB.

Most memorable experience:  Use to keep my car battery in the dorm room. I remember trying to start my car one morning and blew out the oil plug. Great meals at the NCO club. Loved the base gym. Midnight softball games & indoor football. After Mid parties and the on flight stories.  Cruising the streets of Presque Isle & Caribou in M.E. Brown's Trans Am. Logging road shootouts, Chow Hall omlets, the WSA "Dumpster Monster", Soul Chickens that stole our bag lunches, The Buzzman on WDHP, Tator Raisin song during the harvest and Spud Reports, Who had the keys to Bomber #1, Pizza Kitchen, WSPS .42 on your FM dial Rockin Aroostock County!!!

Last Day at Loring:  Warm, sunny & humid August day. Packed up my 1978 Green Honda CVCC hatchback and headed back to NJ.

What did you do after Loring:  Concurrent Computer Corp 1982 - 1995, Security, Shipping & Receiving, Mailroom, Gov't Security, Facilities Spvr. NJ Air National Guard 108th WSSF McGuire AFB 1982 - 1989, Asbury Park Press 1991 - Present / Security & Facilities Spvr.

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