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Fischer, James H. (1970-1974)*

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James Mar 1974 E-5
Medic Warrior!
James today
TDY 73 - Eastport - Cathanze 4 - Dinner
TDY 73 Dec - Eastport - and fun trip
1975 O-2 Reserves


Hometown:  Wauwatosa, WI

Unit at Loring:  811th Medical Group

First day at Loring:

A bit intimidating considering.  Lucky for me that our section assigned John to babysit me from the time he picked me up at Presque Isle Airport, through inprocessing, getting me a room and for the next couple of days.

Most memorable experience:  

I was flying with the Aero Club. Called into the control tower but no response. Did two more flybys with still no answer. The last time I was flashing my landing lights and hand held strobe. Nothing. Looked upwind to see if any B52s or KC135s were coming in so I landed short, took the alpha taxiway back to the hanger. That is until the follow me truck was coming straight at me. So were the MPs from the left and right. I assume that one was on my 6 too. They had leveled their M16s and took me into custody to the base ops control. Called my CFI who came down an read them the riot act. Even tho I filed a flight plan, the operators fell asleep AGAIN. He said they did that quite frequently.

Last Day at Loring:  

Some sadness because Loring was a good home, the personnel were for the most part,a great bunch and my adventures are going to be treasured for the rest of my life.


What did you do after Loring:

1974 - Joined the USAF reserves. Got out as a 1st LT.

1975 - Began a career in IT and now looking for a short-timers calendar.  Retirement from ATT in 2011.

1982 - Got married, got divorced in 1986, no kids thank goodness.

1986 to 1996 - Was a reserve police officer in Milwaukee.

1989 - Bought a 3 br home in Wauwatosa. Single guy with this big home.

1993 - Got married on Valentines day. Heaven help me if I ever forget.

1994 - Jennifer arrived. We just celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary in 2010.



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