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Florence, Ted C. (1978-1979)

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Home Town: Paris, Kentucky
Unit at Loring: 42th SPS
First Day at Loring: My last duty assignment was OSAN AB, Korea,  then 3 weeks in warm KY in August, then I drove up to Loring, going through early fall in New England which was great. I arrived in late August on a Friday and Sunday morning we had snow. Ten months late when I left Loring in May we had still had snow.
Most Memorable Experience: "I was a SSgt at Loring and on this day I was Area Supervisor of the Weapons upload area during a ORI. I was talking to one of the sentries when I heard three shots fired. I called it in and responded to find one of our young airmen had opened fire on a civilian entering the area illegally on a snowmobile. The guy had stopped and had his hands up when I got there. I asked him what he was doing and he started talking in French, uh-oh, Foreign National. I called that in, then when I searched him I found a Browning 9 mm Pistol in his pocket. When I called that in, the base siren went off and the Eastern Coast of the US went on alert. 
Before this was over the FBI from Bangor had to come up to Loring and the RCMP became involved. The man was a French Canadian from Quebec with tries to the Quebec Sovereignty Movement.  What a long day that was."
Last Day at Loring: It was both my last day at Loring and last day in the Air Force.  After 9 great years I was done and going back to Kentucky.  I wanted to be warm again but left behind many great friends and someone who meant a great deal to me.
What did you do after Loring? After I left Loring and the Air Force, I went back to my home town of Paris, KY. With two weeks I had a job as a Police Officer with that city.  I spent 24 years there rising through the ranks to spend the last 9 years as Chief of Police. During that time frame I managed to obtain my college degree in Police Management and also graduated from the 175th Session of the FBI Academy. I retired from the Paris Police in 2003. I now work as a Law Enforcement Instructor at the Kentucky Police Academy in Richmond, KY.  I am married with two grown children.
If you agree, people can contact you at (email): ted.florence@ky.gov