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Fontaine, Kevin S. (1979-1981)

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Home Town:    Santa Cruz
Unit at Loring:    42nd SPS
First Day at Loring:    Hated that turbo-prop ride in from Logan, loved being out in the middle of nowhere, what are all these planes doing here. It gets how cold? Where are the lobsters at, really, Nova Scotia is how far? No way, Canada is only 6 miles out the east gate
Most Memorable Experience:    Snowing on June 21st, northern lights my first and second winters, incoming rounds at the weapons storage area, tunnel exploring in WSA, couple of early morning klaxons in 1980 you know what I'm talking about, the guys in CE
Last Day at Loring:    What a ride, I'm going to miss you guys, still can't tell people about this place, they'll never believe me. Glad to be headed home with all my beni's.
What did you do after Loring?    "Every cool security job to be had, movies, bodyguard, fire watch in the Santa Cruz mountains, courier, inauguration security Monterey CA, Business in San Francisco,
Campus security, never forgotten the thing the 42nd SPS and SAC taught me to be aware of. Love you guys and the experience."
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