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Ginder, Robert (1970-1973)

Profile Added: 1970-1973
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Home Town: Tinley Park
Unit at Loring: 42 HSW
First Day at Loring: My first assignment out of Tech School and it was up to Northern Maine. I was 19 and the people were nice and friendly. I was in Crypto Maintenance and was issued passes to get into the Communications Center and the Command Center.
Most Memorable Experience: "Water skiing at a nearby lake in the summer. Visiting the Chief Master Sargent's home in the forest by the lake. Snow shoeing with my amazing girl friend on their potato ranch (HaHa) and watching the Aurora Borealis in the cold and blissful night. Going through the tunnel to get to mess hall.
Playing racquetball in the indoor courts. Watching the snow plows/blowers/road graders make an evening of clearing the compacted snow off the parking lot. Going to the Rendezvous for pizza and beer with a bunch of friends. Going to the NCO Club, Going to Madawaska for smelt fishing at 11pm with a coworker who was from Madawaska. Great place."
Last Day at Loring: Sad to move on to a different life after 4 years in the Air Force. It wasn't dramatic or anything. I was leaving via Airport in Presque Isle. I had a nice girlfriend and was uncertain about the future. I left a lot of friends.
What did you do after Loring? "I went to college and got a BS in Accounting. Then later an MBA, also a CPA, and got married had two step children, and two children of my own, got divorced. Then remarried have two more step children. I have three grandchildren that are mine and one from my second wife's daughter.
I always fondly remember Loring and the work and the people and the cold snowy days."
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