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Graham, Bill (1974-1977)

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Hometown:  Lowell

Unit at Loring:  42 AMS

First day at Loring:

True story.  I drove my new (to me) 1969 Z-28 Camaro (302 DZ engine - yeah, I wish I still had it) up 95N to US Route 1N to Loring.  Arrived on base mid-June 1974 as a one-striper right out of tech school.  A quick in-process, then to the barracks (42nd AMS).  Met some of the guys I knew from Tech School (Keesler).  While they checked-out my car, I emptied my stuff into my newly assigned room.  We decided to go get a beer to an on-base AFES canteen (?).  After several beers, we left to head back to the barracks, with a big plastic cup of beer between our legs in the 'Z'.  On the drive back, the speed limit was 30 MPH, but the 'Z' really didn't like going that speed (too high for first gear, and lugging in 2nd).  I get behind a little green Fiat who's doing 25 MPH - five MPH below the speed limit.  Drop the 'Z' into first gear - but it's really winding out.  Too slow for 2nd ...  So, I decide to try to get the Fiat to speed up.  Drop back ~100', drop it into 1st, and punch it ... on top of the Fiat's bumper in no time flat.  Drop back, repeat the scenario.  Do it again several times ... no luck; the little green Fiat keeps chugging along at 25 MPH.

I'm getting near the AMS barracks, so I back off and give up.  The Fiat turns right, so do I.  Is he looking for a confrontation?  No, he turns left into the NCO Club parking lot.  I go past him, turn right into our horseshoe area, and see there's no available parking space.  Open the doors, and off-load the guys before parking the 'Z' in the upper parking lot of the NCO club.  Suddenly, I see a set of headlights pointing at me - it's the little green Fiat!  I'm thinking, he's looking for a fight.  The door opens - I've still got my beer between my legs.  The guy walks up to my 'Z', and I notice his dress blue cap bill is full of lightning bolts - oh, oh!  As I sit there (with my beer), he says to me "Nice car you've got there.  But, you can't drive like that on this base.  The Wing Commander frowns on it, and I frown on it".

I found out later that was the Base Commander.  Nice introduction to my first day at Loring.


Most memorable experience:  

Last Day at Loring:  

Don't recall any special events.  By then, I was living off-base in an apartment in Caribou.


What did you do after Loring:

Worked as an electronic technician at GenRad (General Radio) from 77-79.  Then, worked as a Test Engineer at Wang Labs from 80-85, Software Engineer at Wang Labs from 85-87, and finally as a Software Engineer at ATC from 1988 till now.


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