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Grasso, Richard John Jr. (1977-1980)*

Profile Added:    8/31/2013 23:12:20
Home Town:    Stamford, Conn.
Unit at Loring:    69th Bomb Squadron
First Day at Loring:    Nominal.
Most Memorable Experience:    07 September 1977. I was brand new to Loring, on alert and training in the Electronic Warfare simulator when the klaxon went off. I was the last one out to the parking area, and the aircraft were already taxiing out to the runway; just my luck that it happened to be a mover! I waited for my B-52G to reach the bottleneck before dashing out with my gear to an open hatchway whilst Colonel "RPMs" [sic] sat in his car observing. Being a FNG I did not get chewed out, and my pilot Mark Krupinski was actually complimented on having the good judgment to wait until I arrived before heading out. You can't make this up.
Last Day at Loring:    Excellent.
What did you do after Loring?    After a stint at SAC HQ in Omaha Nebraska I separated from the Air Force. It was probably the biggest mistake of my life.
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