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Greer, Richard (1975-1976)

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Home Town: Houston, TX
Unit at Loring: 58th Supply Sqdrn
First Day at Loring: Awful!  I drove 5 days through the worst snow storms in history. Got in at 2AM and checked into BOC. I attended orientation the next day. I thought that I had the next day off - I had 6 days travel time and surely I could sleep in one day. Oh no, my new NCO came banging on my door and dutifully informed me that I was AWOL. Thinking back on it, SSGT Schoaf was just trying to make an impression on a young airman. And he did. 
Most Memorable Experience: "My wife and I going into the woods and sawing down our own Christmas tree, dragging it home (base housing) and decorating it. We strung popcorn for days. 
Also playing cards with our neighbors until late in the night.  After one night of playing cards our neighbors walked us out to my car. My buddy was a Lieutenant over the bombers maintenance. He told me, quietly so our wives couldn't hear, that a flight of bombers were taking off that night fully loaded with nukes. I couldn't sleep all night, waiting for the phone to ring. And I also mentally made a map of the fastest route into Canada..LOL"
Last Day at Loring: HEAVEN!  Don't get me wrong, I loved living in Maine. I am a southern man through and through. I saw 60 below both Winters I was there. It was time for me to go "Home". 
What did you do after Loring? Gone back and finished my undergraduate degree, also got an MBA. I am the proud father of a 24 year old man. After 25 years owning my own businesses I'm retired. I do some consulting to keep me busy. 
If you agree, people can contact you at (email): richgreerusa@yahoo.com