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Grooms, Frederic (1979-1984)

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Home Town: PI Maine
Unit at Loring: 42 OMS Bomber Branch
First Day at Loring: I arrived just prior to the ORI team, made inprocessing intresting. Did a lot in the barracks untill SAC'S Finest left.
Most Memorable Experience: The people I met while stationed there. All the alert I pulled, being single, didn't mind. Liked the time off. The numerous TDY's especially as a Crew Chief on flying status. Too many things happened to single one particular time.
Last Day at Loring: Missed out on the traditional sendoff as I had my right arm in a cast.
What did you do after Loring? Stationed at Dyess AFB 1984-1996. Usherd out the "H" models and welcomed the B-1B to the Air Force. Stationed at Barksdale AFB 1996-1999. Started and ended my career on the "Buff"
If you agree, people can contact you at (email): fredericgrooms@aol.com