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Hammett, John W. (1978-1989)

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Hometown: Hyannis, Massachusetts

Unit at Loring: 42 SPS


First day at LoringCold, very cold.  And it was only September !!


Most memorable experience: Getting a good sized deer, 8 point, and heading into SP Squadron to tell everyone.  The Training NCO, Danny Buskey came out and looked in the back of the truck, looked at me and said, "It's DEAD??"  Go figure... what did he think?  I roped it????


Last Day at Loring: Blurry, didn't think I'd ever return.  Had a good party at the Vous'


What did you do after Loring: Thule, KI Sawyer, Bangor Maine -  Founding member along with Mike Allison and Kevin Cull,  Loring Ramp Rats Website.


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