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Harmon, Ray D. (1971-1975, 1977-1985)

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Hometown:  Plainville, MA

Unit at Loring: 42nd FMS & 42nd OMS


First day at LoringGot there in Dec 71 remember snow crunching under my feet it was so cold and getting issued those huge white bunny boots! Try stepping on the brake pedal in a 71 Vega without hitting the gas pedal in those!


Most memorable experience: A ton of great memories and people. Most rewarding time was as a crew chief on 62-3580 and messing with the bomber crews on alert. Tanker phase was great also. Rondezvous Pizza was the best!


Last Day at Loring: Hated to say goodbye to so many great friends and co-workers.


What did you do after Loring: Retired in 1995 from Ellsworth AFB and worked as a service manager and parts for a GM dealership until 2010. Fully retired now living in Black Hawk,SD enjoying the Black Hills camping and golfing.


If you agree, people can contact you at (email): patfan54@rushmore.com