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Hirtle, David (1971-1973)


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Hometown: Eastford, CT

Unit at Loring:  42OMS/42 Headquarters

First day at Loring:

I can remember traveling to LAFB with a friend, Kevin Quinn...we were fresh out of training @ Chanute AFB and we got snowed in @ Bangor....The First Shirt was not impressed!

I remember arriving at the Base to see "tunnels" in and out of the buildings, especially those near the flightline...oh, yes, they were snow tunnells...never saw that much snow!

Most memorable experience:  

My Friend Kevin Quinn and I "attempted" to find my "bird," #295 on the hardstand for "first Station." It was snowing so hard we had to be led to the hardstand. Once we found the bird we began to clean it off/deice. We were sure they would cancel the "go" but they never did...we were bored waiting for a the word on the scheduled departure so we took the engine inlet plugs, the long deicing line used for over the fuselage, tied the line to the back of the deicer and took turns towing each other on the engine inlet plugs on the taxi-ways....It was all "fun and games" until the DCM came out....never did that again!

Last Day at Loring:  

My last day was in August of 1973...I had PCS orders to RAF Woodbrige/Bentwaters...I had all my processing done and really felt a loss...I had made some great friends both "on the line" and at PMEL whereI worked with Tsgt Charlie Webster...


What did you do after Loring:

I went to RAF Woodbridge for a 3 year tour...left the AF for a few years and came back in in the 80's @ Otis. I worked Maintenance Debriefing and Disaster Preparedness...Spent many years @ Otis ANGB, Cape Cod, MA...

   Finished a Masters annd worked as a Social Worker for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Also worked as a Pastor in three churches over the years.

   My Wife and I have 4 adult children all living in the MA area

   Kathy and I took a sabbatical and sailed from MA thru FL in 1999-2000. We spend our time , now, between FL and Upstate NY (Crown Point, NY). 

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