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Ingham, Raymond (1977-1980)*

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Ray in Basic Training ('76)
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SSgt Roy Gengler, Me, SSgt Rick Faddis, A1C Angel Rodriguez outside the IMF (1979) - note tritium bottle igloo in background!
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My patch from 1979

Chuck the Bouncing Lab

A short video of my Labrador's joy at going to play catch... 


Note:  Be sure and check out Ray's Rambling's, a series of short stories about his time at Loring...

Hometown:  Melbourne, FL

Unit at Loring:  42 MMS (Missile Checkout)

First day at Loring:

Drove up from Florida in June.  Get to the Maine Border and realize I have 6 more hours to drive!  I came up from Miami, so I drive the entire length of I-95.  Turn on US-1, and realize that I have been on US-1 at the beginning and now I am going to be on it at the end.  Pull into Loring, and check into the barracks.  People are bar-b-que'ng outside and I learn that it had rained for 32 days and this is the first sunny day.  Go inside and unpack my stuff.  Later in the day, notice things are a little "rowdier" now.  I am standing in the day room, and see a 6-ft white cross outside of some guy's room.  It is then that the LE's come down into the horseshoe parking lot.  They take one look at all the guys and the state they are in, and back out and leave!  Next, the MMS Commander (Lt Col Billy Wallace, really good guy) comes over and is pleading with everyone to go back inside.  Next, the Security Force truck with dogs comes down the horseshoe and everyone scatters.  I am sitting in the day room, thinking "How in the heck am I going to make it 31/2 more years here?"

Most memorable experience:  The countless hours everyone in the IMF would spend playing the card game Spades...man we thought we were pretty good, too!

Last Day at Loring:  Warm and sunny.  I had a buddy take me to the airport (sold my 1975 Mercury Monterey MX Brougham, what a car!) and flew thru Boston to Melbourne, Florida.  I kept telling myself I couldn't believe I was actually going home.  Did not realize (at 22 years old) that you really can't go home again...

What you did after Loring:  I got out of the service, went to college (UCF in Orlando, Florida).  While there I worked as a student coop for Martin Marietta in the Ballistic Missile Defense group (Pre-Star Wars).  In 1983 I came back in the Air Force and did 22 years total.  I was stationed at:

Castle AFB, CA (1983-1985)     Griffiss AFB, NY (1985-1986)  Molesworth, UK (1987-1989)  

Griffiss AFB, NY (1989-1992)    Shaw AFB, SC (1992-1997)    Volgeweh, Germany (1997-2001)

Retired in 2001 and am currently working  as a computer systems analyst.  

Although many things happen in your life, most of us trace back to the one event that led us where we are today.  I can truly say Loring did that to (for) me...

If you agree, people can contact you at (email):  loringremembers@raican.net


 Other Pictures


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Rocket motor showing exposed front with ignitor leads (red and black)
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Test stand w/ AGM-69A Booster, ready for "Level-1" checkout...
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SRAM Rotary Launcher w/ 7 nuclear-tipped missiles positioned
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