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Johnson, Tim (1975-1980)

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Hometown:  Jamestown NY

Unit at Loring:  42 FMS

First day at Loring:

Very cold and snowy; arrived in January just after a heavy snow storm and thought we must be in the Arctic somewhere!

Most memorable experience:  

Met my bride while at Loring and we have been married for over 31 years.

Last Day at Loring:  

PCS'd out in August and thought I would never miss that place again.  Planning on taking a visit back someday; in the summer of course!


What did you do after Loring:

Moved on to Grissom and McConnell; finally retiring in 1994. Currently work at Cessna Aircraft Company and live in the Wichita KS area.


If you agree, people can contact you at (email):  tsjswede@aol.com