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Jones, Peter (1977-1980)

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Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Unit at Loring: 42 MMS (Missile Checkout & Aircraft System Check Out)

First day at Loring: Too long ago to remember :-)

Most memorable experiences:

- Flying over the outer flightline road on my snowmobile while riding out to the IMF.  I loved riding this thing.

- Crashing into a snow bank on my motorcycle, what was I thinking?

- Rescuing fellow fools that went down a logging trail in the middle of f'in nowhere.  They spent the night.  I believe the resucee's were JPentecost and perhaps JRabideau.  The rescuers were amongst yours truly and I believe transportaion provided by JPayne.  (O yest Jim's CAT came along for the ride!)

- Going outside in t-shirts when it reached 30 degress.

- The four days a year it hit 100.

- Playing Spades in the IMF and Pinochle at ASCO.

- Playing pool, countless...... hours

- The beer machine, what a novelty.

- Stewing a rabbit shot at a polish wedding.

- Many, many more...

Last Day at Loring:  

A whirlwind of wild events and it was over.  Drove home on my motorcycle, drove back up in a few months to pick up my snowmobile which I left with "POPS" Sager.  Drove back home and never returned.

What you did after Loring:  

- Went to tech school on the governments dime.

- Went to Florida and worked as a Electronic Tech for a few times, needed the hometown SUN!

- Traveled back to New York and have been there since, working as a Software Developer in NYC at this time.

I have two wonderful children entering college now and a fantastic wife of 22 years.

Life is great, make sure you LIVE every day of it as you never know which day will be your last.


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