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Kameron, Jordan (1976-1978)

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Home Town:    Wakefield Michigan
Unit at Loring:    42 Supply
First Day at Loring:    1/4/1976
Most Memorable Experience:    Two stories.  The hunting were great.  I shot my first buck, in the Allagash Wilderness Area.  I was with a fellow airman named Mike DeRussia from Wisconsin. That was a great day; I probably saw 3 dozen Ruffed Grouse just before I shot the buck. I still have the rack from the buck hanging in my garage. The second was Mike Campbell crashing my 1973 Gremlin into a guard rail on our way back from an evening in Edmundston Canada. No one was hurt, except Mike's pride and wallet. Lots of snow and good times up there at Loring!  
Last Day at Loring:    8/22/1978
What did you do after Loring?    Once I got out of the Air Force, I attended Michigan State university.  I got a degree in Natural Resources Management.  I have been a biologist and Environmental Manager with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality for the past 30 years.  
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