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LAFRANCE, ROLAND R. SR. (1972 - 1976)

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Home Town: Nashua, NH
First Day at Loring: A bit chilly, but busy getting things done so I could get to work. My sponsor, an E4 buck sergeant named Ingram, was very helpful, and my in-processing went quickly. I was brought to supply for issue of my crash firefighting gear, file-sharing gear, and brought to the fire stations, shown around the Crash station, Station 2, and the Structural station, Station 1.  I was assigned to A Shift.
Most Memorable Experience: My wife wouldn't forgive me if it wasn't that I met and married her at Loring. She was the daughter of the Assistant Fire Chief of A Shift, at that time, TSGT Harold Loveless. I first saw Francesanne in May, 1974, and we were married on February 22, 1975. We had originally had set our wedding date for April, but her father had received PCS orders, so we moved it up. However, I almost didn't make it to the wedding. Three weeks before our wedding, while battling a very serious fire at the Four Seasons Store, Pizza parlor, and squadron offices in the center on a large H-shaped barracks in late January, I was almost caught in a roof collapse. It was -42°, with a wind chill of -72°. Very cold to fight a fire and play with water. Like about two dozen other firefighters, I  was hospitalized after collapsing, and treated for hypothermia, frostbite, and smoke inhalation. While inside the hallway to one side of the squadron offices, I was trying to open a door to the office, when I heard a voice that seemed to come from above, that said, "Get out!" I turned and left the building, and the roof collapsed. I can think of no better story than that! Oh, we are still married after 38+ years, with three grown children and five grandchildren. Our older son is a Captain in the USAF.
Last Day at Loring: "It was pretty quick, with all of the paperwork to out-process at personnel, and turning in equipment at supply. My last working day was an 11 - 7 shift in the Crash Control Room, where I was a CCR operator for my last three months at Loring, which I did not particularly care for. I would rather have remained on operations as a driver or crew member on a crash truck, rescue, or pumper. 
After all was done, my wife of a little over a year, along with our baby girl, started out to drive for my home town of Nashua, NH, about an 8 hour drive. I would be hired by the Nashua Fire Dept. from where my father had retired."
What did you do after Loring? I've worked mostly as a firefighter, but in part-time jobs as well. Later I became an LPN while a medic In the Army Reserves after Desert Storm. I was injured in a house fire in 1993, and though I tried returning to work three times, I am now totally disabled, having had eleven operations, including two to repair my neck, since my injury. My wife and I now live in Florida.
If you agree, people can contact you at (email): disabldfirefiter@hotmail.com