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Lambert, William F. (1972-1975)

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Home Town: Sierra Vista, AZ
Unit at Loring: 69BS
First Day at Loring: It was January and I walked out to my car parked in front of the VOQ with my hands in my pocket (no gloves).  We had to get up during the middle of the night to start the car so the engine wouldn't freeze up.  I reached for the door handle and my sweaty hand froze to the door handle!  Instant frost bite!  Should have known better, my previous assignment was at Minot.
Most Memorable Experience: My first ORI was a kick.  I had the good fortune to fly with a great crew during Linebacker and with the best radar nav in SAC, Bob Englehauf, a real pro.
Last Day at Loring: Thought I had escaped from Hell because I was going to F4s, but TAC  wasn't as kind to navs as SAC had been.  Seems I jumped from the frying pan into the fire.  At least a radar nav had a mission, a WSO was just a pilot's helper.  I wish I had been at Loring for at least one New England fall, the palm trees on Guam just weren't the same.
What did you do after Loring? Retired as a Lt. Col.  Went to law school, then practiced law for twenty years in Idaho, retired in 2004 and live at a senior citizen country club community in Arizona.  Watched four kids grow up and make something of themselves.  Bev and I spent a couple years in Brazil as LDS missionaries.  We have been married for over forty years and we are both in good health.  We have thirteen grandkids and are now professional grandparents.
If you agree, people can contact you at (email): bblambert111@yahoo.com