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Landers, Rosalind (1972-1976)*

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Roz at Pease Greeters (look at the size of that Marine!)
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Hometown:  Wakefield NH

Unit at Loring:  Hospital

First day at Loring:

As I was driving on base for the very first time I hear this ungodly loud noise, then a B-52 buzzed over my head....  Scared the _____ out of me.


Most memorable experience:  

Oh one time a bunch of us had a wee bit too much to drink and we buzzed the gate on bicycles..... Needless to say the Security Police caught up with us....  As you know it was a SAC BASE......... and THAT WAS A NO NO

Oh ya..... my first NCOIC  Msgt Frank Thomas at Loring really messed up my chances for promotion because he came to my house drunk one night "promising good APR reports for a Little cooperation"and I told him to get his drunken ass out of my house.... There went my APR's and chances for promotion.  Do you suppose I might have been just a tad bit more tactful?

Last Day at Loring:  

Sorta sad.... It had been home for a long time...........


What did you do after Loring:

Well I continued on in the Air Force,  I was Station at Westover AFB with the 74 th AES, Then On to Scott AFB with the 375 th AAW, then On to Shemya AFB with is in the Aleutians.  I asked for an Island in the Pacific not knowing about Shemya!

Then I went to Malstrom AFB where I met up with a couple of Officers that were Stationed at Loring.   They still had not grown any you know whats... What a couple of sorry sorts. Then Off to Hanscom AFB in Ma.  That was the end of my AF career.

Except for those two looser from Loring I had a good time. 


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