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Mason, Clarence (1970-1972)

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Home Town: CARMEL, IN
Unit at Loring: 42nd FMS
First Day at Loring: After my tour at Wheelus AFB, Tripoli, Libya, in North Africa, arriving at Loring on a cold January day was a great shock...went from 80 degrees to -6.
Most Memorable Experience: Trading my scuba equipment for ski equipment and learning to Ski on the base bunny hill.  the many trips north to Canada.  Visiting friends in New Sweden.
Last Day at Loring: Packed up my '68 VW bug and drove to south to New York and the west to home.
What did you do after Loring? "Graduated from Indiana University in 77, married Jana, raised 3 kids. Now retired and have 4 grandsons....
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