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Mayeaux, Robert (1979-1981)

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Hometown: fordoche la.

Unit at Loring: 407 arefs


First day at Loring:  Very very COLD!!!


Most memorable experience: Stopped at the north hammer head for last chance inspection when copilot noticed a moose on the runway. he hotified the SOF of the moose.  The SOF was in one of the new Chevy luv pickups.  He chased the moose for a couple of hundred yards, then the moose seemed to get angry and chased the Safety of Flight officer back past our aircraft.  We were a few minutes late taking off . took us a bit of time to stop laughing.


Last Day at Loring: Very very COLD!!!


What did you do after Loring: Retired from the Air Force at Eaker AFB (formally Blytheville AFB) AR.  Now heavy equipment operator. Mostly cranes.


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