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Mitchell, Ed "Moose" (1978-1980)*

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Recent pic of Ed Wolf in Yellowstone Park      Me and one of my sons (1A) on my bike in Yellowstone.  His Name is Dennis Mitchell.  Yes, I named him after the Dennis on the TV show “Dennis the Menace”.
Here is a picture of me talking to a girl when the motorcycle group went on a child ride that was in the neighborhood. I belong to a group of bikers called Bikers Against Child Abuse. I am the Road Captain & Treasurer of the Santa Cruz CA. chapter.

If you want to know more about BACA checkout http://bacaworld.org/

Hometown: San Jose, CA.

Unit at Loring: 42nd MMS (ADM-20C Shop)


First day at LoringStopped in Houlton to spend the night before going to Loring. Had to evacuate the hotel for a while because the boiler imploded. Cold as hell. Way too much snow on the ground for April!


Most memorable experience: Living in the barracks, going to jail, getting bailed out by Floyd Forseman. Something about a riot the day Raymond arrived, Welcome to Loring. Hunting, fishing, camping in the woods. Going out to the cabin during the winter. Going to New Brunswick to get Apple Jack! Drinking the Apple Jack.


Last Day at Loring: How does that song go? Happiness is Loring in my rear view mirror for the last time.


What did you do after Loring: Went to Wright Pat after Loring. Transfered to reserve duty after UIF dissappeared. Got out of reserve duty. Went back to work as a machinist. Went to college got a degree in Electronic Engineering. Got married, had twin boys, both are Eagle Scouts. One boy Joined the Marine Reserves & is currently active reserve. Oh yeah, in the mean time I got a Black Belt in Tong So Doo (Chuck Norris style), bought a harley in 2003 & will probably turn 100k miles before Xmas 2011. Went to Sturgis in 2007.


If you agree, people can contact you at (email):ygroup08@senseied.com