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Morkavich, John E. (1972-1975)

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Hometown:  Now :Texarkana Arkansas

Unit at Loring:  USAF Hospital

First day at Loring:

Delayed by a storm out of Boston Logan Airport spent an overnight. Took off next day in 6 seat piper Navajo where one guy used all the airsick bags on the plane. The pilots used a shower curtain to separate them from the cabin. I thought we were crash landing because I saw no town, airport just trees and lots of snow. Said my prayers and we landed in a cloud of white powder blowing everywhere. He gunned the engines and we taxied (plowed) through snow until I saw a small concrete bock building 'PRESQUE ISLE'  He opened up the cargo bay dumped our duffels bags out and we walked in low quarter dress shoes through a foot of snow to the 'terminal'.  Where are we? CMS of the hospital drove us back and I said why do they have all those long 6 foot tall wooden poles attached to the fire hydrants? Thats so they can see them from the plows when it snows?

Most memorable experience:  

Worked as a corpsman in the OR with Dr John P Sheppard and we had a sigmoidoscopy to do on a big fighter pilot officer. Had him in our clinic knee chest position his flight suit around his ankles. This was the 24" silver bullet scope not the flexible kind now. We had this planned ahead. As Dr Sheppard was easing the scope up this pilots puckered butt the doc kept his right hand on the scope and placed his left hand on his hip/back region to tell him to relax. I then said "Doc I gotta go out and get some more lubricant, be right back" But I opened the door but never left the room. I snuck over to place my right hand on the guys right hip as Doc Sheppard continued to advance the scope and blow air into his colon. When the guy figured out what the hell was going on he jumped off the table ran out the door with the silver bullet sticking out of his butt as he pulled up his flight suit we heard the scope hit the floor about 75 feet down the hall. I never laughed so hard in my like. John P Sheppard was trained in St Vincents NYC I think he was from Vermont and he might have passed away.  He was truly one of a kind.

Last Day at Loring:  

One day and a wake up.  August 9th 1975 got my 1969 Chevy Impala loaded up and pulled off the base. Got out of the car saluted the MP's then gave them and the base the finger, flipped the bird and took off for a trailer I rented in Veazie Maine where I had school lined up at University of Maine at Orono and a job at Easterm Maine Medical Center in Bangor.


What did you do after Loring:

Thawed out in Florida as an ex military scrub tech I knew how to sew, close, tie was actually doing First Assistant work. Had fun working at Lee Memorial Hispotal in Ft Myrers for a year. Then scrub tech work in NJ, Carepntry school in Delhi NY. Hurt back in the OR too stupid to pursue work comp. Went back to school finihsed BS and MS in Health Care Systems Administration from St Peters and Iona. Worked around the country got married late have 3 girls 11, 6 and 2 and a great wife Heather. Now Director Material Management at CHRISTUS ST MICHAELS Health System in Texarkana TX OFFICE 903-614-2830.


If you agree, people can contact you at (email):  john.morkavich@christushealth.org
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