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Base Sports

"I learned that if you played sports you could get out of duty or at least tour a bit. I played catcher on the fast pitch team and we traveled to Pease AFB NH for a tournament. As a medic it was good to be there. During warm ups the other team who had the fastest pitcher in the military (we were told) was on the mound throwing heat to his catcher. Someone threw a ball in from the outfield and the catcher took his eye off the pitcher and the fast ball hit him square in the mouth. 

A few of us responded and he was already leaking CSF (cerebral Spinal Fluid) had lacerated toungue and gums and loose teeth, We cleared his airway controlled bleeding and breathing and he was transported to the base hospital. Same game later their runner smashed into our catcher and our guy swallowed a huge chaw of chewing tobacco, He was sent to the hospital as well. 

I got one hit off the guy as he had me with a 2 strikes no ball count and i choked up and just stuck the bat into the strike zone and got a double. I also played for the base team volleyball team and we lost every game in a tournament but got a trophy as we lost most all our games 21-19 so they gave us an award!

 Do you all remember the Medics played Transportation in a flag football championship game on a field full of spikes of churned up yet frozen mud. If you fell down you had a bad bruise the next day. It was so rough that a guy sucker punched me in the chest on a kickoff and I went back to the hospital and had an xray - broken chip fracture of my breastbone and a slightly separated rib near the breastbone! 

 Do you remember Dodod markets, the crooked car dealers who had stolen cars on the lot? The Rendezvous, Swamp Fox night club in Presque Isle? 41 below zero without the windchill was the coldest day I remember!  Sorry folks but for my time it was wild and wacky there I just cant give you the politically correct line.  Do you also remember Nixon's Operation Golden Flow when the Security police with German Shephers would almost knock down your door so you could give them a urine sample for drug testing.  Do you remember before Nixon landed from his China trip how many crazy guys were shipped to Wright Patterson and how much paint was used all over the base?"