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John's Stories

1.  UFO Over Weapons Storage Area

 I was a Hospital Corpsman OR Tech 72-75 and one night in the fall of 73 (I will stand corrected if someone else recalls and has better time line)the base sirens went off and they said thats the big one thats gonna scramble the jets and bombers. About 6 of us got on the roof of the medical barracks and waited for whatever. The base went nuts, claxons, sirens, security police vehicles speeding around lots of flashing lights. Lots of flight line roaring of engines. Well about 3 weeeks later I was in the Officers Club with Dr John P Sheppard and a couple of pilots were sitting with us. We talked sports and politics then Doc Sheppard asked what the hell happened the other night. They replied with the ubiquitous "Do You Have a Need To Know?" Sheppard said hell yes, so I heard this explanation and both pilots were dead serious. There was a UFO that came up on radar out of nowhere and was hovering over East Loring near the weapons storage facility. Aircraft was scrambled to intercept, it was seen visually and tracked on radar. Then the Lt Colonel said. " This damn thing was there one second and gone the next, vanished....then radar analysis showed this bogey was so far away and at such a high altitude.....let me tell you this -"... there is NOTHING on THIS PLANET that can do the things this aircraft or damn UFO did...." Then they got up and walked away from the table. Sheppard and I were stunned and we did not talk about it again. This is no BS and I welcome those who were there and remember.