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Payne, Jim (1977-1981)

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Hometown:  Louisville, TN

Unit at Loring:  42 MMS

First day at Loring:  Twelve foot snow banks and one big party, 1st Shirt (Floyd Forsman) dropped me off 17 DEC 1977 2300L in the barracks horseshoe and he never looked back. Smoke and Beer that's all there was in the day room. Went to my room and found two big French Indian Women passed out. I slept in the upstairs day room that night and woke up covered in shaving cream the next morning. My first name for the next several months was "Jeep"

Most memorable experience:   There are many great stories and most are clowning around. The camping trips inside the Allagash Wilderness, climbing Mount Katadin, fishing Peaked Mountain Pound for trout, taking grouse with wrist rockets, aurora borealis. My favorite story is the whole five years I was stationed there.

Can't single one out, there are hundreds of great stories. Being a 463xx nuclear weapons technician carries its own story too.

Last Day at Loring:   Driving out the front gate looking through my rear view mirror I could see the SAC Emblem slowly disappearing. I wondered if I would ever come back to visit? It was sunny and the start of another ERA in life. I also reflected on myself making AIC three times while stationed at Loring AFB (My Fault).


What did you do after Loring: I've been federally employed for 35 years and climbed to the rank of CMSgt. I count the three stripes lost on the way realizing I'm a miracle. I now hold the position Maintenance Operations Flight Superintendent with the 134ARW KC135R 12 PAA. Knoxville, TN.


If you agree, people can contact you at (email):james.payne@ang.af.mil