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Pelletiere, Joseph (1973)

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Home Town:    Floral Park N.Y.
Unit at Loring:    42 Munitions
First Day at Loring:    Didn't like it. Just came back from a tour with 36th Tac. Ftr. Squadron in Korea.  Squadron starts asking where uniforms are (proper hat, boots etc.)  Volunteered to go back overseas imediately.
Most Memorable Experience:    Seein  moose on road to munitions area.   They wouldn't get off the road just trot ahead of you till the end.
Last Day at Loring:    Glad to be going back to 36 Th T.F.S.
What did you do after Loring?    "Married,
32 Years with local Utility as Control
Room Operator on Long Island N.Y."
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