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*Ready, Ronald (1974-1979, 1987-1992)


Profile Added: 3/11/2013 13:30:46
Home Town: Windsor, Maine
Unit at Loring: 69 BMS, 42 BMW
First Day at Loring: Arrived in August 1974.  Just left Castle AFB initial B-52 training.  Got married in early July and after month-long honeymoon,  we arrived to beautiful summer weather.  I am a life-long Mainer,  but I didn't realize how early winter came around in Aroostook County and how long it would last!  Loved it at Loring from the very first day.  That's why I went back for a second 5-year tour.
Most Memorable Experience: Seeing the UFOs while on alert in mid-seventies...Two nights in a row!  Talk about a Goat-Rope!
Last Day at Loring: July 1992.  Retired after 20 years.  Loring AFB was on the base closure list.  Hated to see it close.  Retired in Windsor Maine.  Had a great send-off by Major Joe Gibson, Wayne Putman, Chuck Schoaf, Tim Duerson, Bill Emerson, Chuck Nagel, and the rest of the DOX guys!
What did you do after Loring? Retired.  Having fun!  Extensive traveling.  Riding my Harley.  Playing with the grandchildren.
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