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Reid, Ernie (1975-1978)

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Hometown:  Youngstown, Ohio

Unit at Loring:  2192 Comm/SCOPE

First day at Loring:

November 75, drove from Youngstown, Ohio to just accross the Maine border, thinking that I was almost there. Once I realized it was like 300 miles, I got a room and started again the next day. Once I got to Loring snow was all over the place and some kind of cold. I checked into visiting airman quarters and waited for SGT Kelly to call. The beginning of a great assignment.

Most memorable experience:  

There were many, hard to pick just one. I guess the friendship and the poker games at the Schellhase's house in PI. It was a nickle, dime quarter game, the same cast of characters each week and just a great time over all. How Doreen Schellhase put up with us (sinngle guys) I'll never know.

Last Day at Loring:  

I received a 6 month early out thanks to President Carter. A friend Al (last name I don't remember) got out the same day in August 78. We were broke and had to wait for the pay office to process our orders. The NCO club helped us out and ran a tab until we were paid and could settle our tab.


What did you do after Loring:

Thanks to USAF training and experience I got a job at the Defense Electronics Supply Center in Dayton Ohio which later transfered to Columbus Ohio. I recently retired from the federal government, 34 years service.


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