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Robinson, Steven (1974 - 1979)

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Home Town: Springfield, Illinois
Unit at Loring: 42nd MMS/SRAM Branch
First Day at Loring: The date was February 1st, 1974. Loring AFB was to be my home for the next 5 and a half years. The barracks on the main part of the base was being renovated, so I lived in the "Mole Hole", the original flight crew alert facility, literally located just off the end of the South runway, on the east side of the base proper, and I was assigned a cot in the main briefing room, with partitions separating about 30 of us. Did I mention......SNOW!!!
Most Memorable Experience: I remember the base being a flurry of activity, full of light and sound, mostly the ever constant rumble of MD-3's and the whine of the MA-1A's. I grew up at Loring, too bad I did not mature, that took many more years. I learned to drink hard and heavy to keep up with the members of the greatest squadron a young man could have been assigned to, the 42nd Munitions Maintenance Sq., and just one of the stories from my time there would have been when we ran out of beer at the "Mole Hole" and during a blizzard a crew drove one of the aircraft towing tractors to the NCO club for a keg, got stuck on the way back and winched themselves out using using an approach light tower. There just is not enough pages......
Last Day at Loring: It had been a long time coming. I was heading to Castle AFB, in sunny California, and was looking forward to the change with a hopeful heart, but a feeling of loss nonetheless, because I was leaving "home" again as I had when I enlisted at 17. I had a pizza at the "Rendezvous" outside the East gate, said my farewells to that crew, and got on the road.
What did you do after Loring? Multiple careers after a return to civilian life. Nothing sticks because nothing is a fun as working on the best weapon system at that time, the AGM-69A SRAM, on the best bombing platform ever built, the B-52!
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