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Schellhase, Ed (1974-1977)

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Hometown:  Norwalk, IA

Unit at Loring:  2192 Comm Squadron

First day at Loring:  Cold, snowy.  Met by my sponsor and began in-processing.  I was issued more cold weather gear than I had ever seen before.

Most memorable experience:   (1) Getting snowed in for several days at the Scope Control transmitter site where I worked.  Making soup out of ketchup and water.

(2) My wife going after the makings for our first Thanksgiving dinner on foot with our tobaggon (lived in Caribou).

Last Day at Loring:   I had been given a job offer by the State of Iowa and got an early release by my commander so I could accept it.


What did you do after Loring: Continued service with the Iowa Air National Guard.  Served in the 132d Communications Flight from 1977 until 2007.  Did a tour in Iraq 2006-2007 and while there was selected as the Wing Command Chief, where I currently serve.


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