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Schilling, Frederick C. Jr (1970-1972)

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Hometown:  Miami Beach

Unit at Loring:  6314 CES Plumbing Shop

First day at Loring:

I arrived in June, so it was fairly uneventful. I had driven all the way from Miami, pulling a U-Haul with my wife and 4 month old. I assumed there would be apartments for rent (like back home).  We lived at the Motel 6 for almost a month. Then rented a couple of rooms in a large house in downtown Limestone. After a few months got a nice place on Wyoming Circle, where I stayed till discharge.

Most memorable experience:  

I had many!  Working in the Plumbing Shop I was mostly working with the Civil Service workers. They treated me like Family and wow did I learn alot. Of course everyone had fun with me. A kid from South Beach. I had never seen snow before Loring. My favorite story would be working my part time job in Caribou @ Aroostook petroleum. I had a State of Maine Journeyman Oil Burner License, belive it or not. So I had a fairly good gig in my off time. One day it was the first heavy snow and I was asked to go down to the bulk plant where they off loaded the fuel oil from the train cars and run the snow plow. I said "sure, no problem" I had spent summers on our family farm in Zephyrhills, so I was good to go on any tractor etc. I got on the tractor and began to plow when it occured to me. Where do I put the snow once I have plowed it? ( remember Never seen snow) so I had to walk back up the hill to the office and announced to the staff " Where do I put the Snow?"  Of course saying this to folks who had lived there all their life was quite funny. So for the whole two years I worked there, I was always greeted with: ( Where do ya put the snow) I got pretty good with the plow later on if I do say so myself!!

Last Day at Loring:  

I was 22 and I was being discharged. I was unhappy and I was glad to be getting out. ( Two winters in Maine for a kid from South Beach was enough)

Most of us young guys at the time always talked about some crazy stuff we would do on the last day. I was lucky I made Staff Sgt and the AF was shipping all my stuff back home. My wife and daughter had left early and I was driving my VW Bus all the way back to Miami. So on my last day I got loaded into my VW Bus stopped by the shop to say my good byes headed for the gate and I'll never forget ( I just drove away and never looked back. Not even in the mirrors)

What did you do after Loring?

I was lucky, the service taught me how to be a plumber. Wasn't a very popular job in the Air Force, I mean I never got to go on a plane the entire 4yrs. Came home to Miami Beach and started working with a local plumber within three days. Stayed there for five years, saved up 20,000, passed my masters exam and started my own company. 33 yrs later still at it. Plumbed more than 1,000 commerical buildings in South Florida, including a Six Flaggs water park " Atlantis" in the early 80's. So the crappy plumbing job I had in the Air Force worked out extremely well. On a more personal side.... Lost my wife to cancer in 89 , Just after we adopted a 18 month old from the Childrens Home Society. He turned out well spent 4 yrs on sub duty in the Navy and now works for the plumbing company.

I went back to my surfing life when I came home and had the good fortune to surf all over the world, still actively surfing at 60. I collect cars, tour the country on motorcycles and fish off shore as often as possible. Often wish Loring was still active or I would have gone back to tell the Civil Service guys in my shop that I stuck with it, like I said I would and became a Master Plumber like they were. I really looked up to all of them and in return they treated me like family. I am sure they would have been glad to know that their taking their time to help me learn would go so far. 

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