Fred's stories

The following are a collection of memories and stories from Fred Schilling, Frederick C. Jr (1970-1972) about his time at Loring Air Force Base, Maine.  You can contact him at


  1. 1 Hot Water

Hot Water

I have a great cold weather story I've told often. I was living on Wyoming Circle in 1970 and the first winter was a hard adjustment for a kid from Miami Beach. I was learning as I went with this whole cold weather deal. I didn't have a clue about scrapping the windshield, shoveling snow, driving in snow and ice etc. One moring I was running late to get to the Plumbing Shop and it was December kind of cold. The door lock on my trusty VW bus was frozen..... So I had an idea.. I went back inside, boiled some water on the stove and threw it on the lock...wella, it unlocked. But the door was still frozen closed and would not open. Hey not to wory... I've got this new neat trick... yep I go back inside get some more boiling water come outside and throw it on the hinges. To my amazement the door opens, breaks both the hinges in half and the door falls on the ground. No problem, I jump into the bus reach down, pick up the door with the window slid back and pull it into position. Off I go to the Plumbing Shop 25 below zero, one arm holding the broken door in place, the other shifiting and steering. See the Air Force taught me two good traits 1. You don't have to do much when you get there, but you can never be late. 2. Be resourcefull. I tell that story to my friends here in Fl when they complain about how cold it is. Their idea of cold here is... when it hits 50 nobody goes outside. As we all know, I did do 70 below with the chill factor several times. Wimps!!