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Slaughter, David (1978-1981)

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Home Town: Denison, Tx
Unit at Loring: Det. 1 / 49th FIS
First Day at Loring: It was 72 degrees on Dec.29, 1978 when I boarded the plane to fly up to PI and it was minus 20 degrees when I stepped off the plane at Presque Isle airport. Being from Texas and having spent my first 5+ years in the Air Force stationed at Tyndall AFB, Fl. I got quite a shock as I got off the plane.
Most Memorable Experience: We had a cook from the 42BW that came in every day to prepare our meals. One evening just as the cook was taking a pizza out of the oven the Klaxon went off and scared the cook so bad that the pizza hit the ceiling and stuck there.
Last Day at Loring: Typical day for a F-106 crew chief on alert duty. (Watch movies, play card games, or play pool and wait for the Klaxon to sound so you can run to launch your aircraft.)
What did you do after Loring? "PCS to Bitburg AB, Germany in Nov. '81 for 3 years working on the F-15C and then went to Reece AFB, Tx. for 5 years. Then in Jan. 90 I signed in the the 71 Fighter Sq. / 1st Fighter Wing Langley AFB, Va. Deployed to Saudi Arabia in Aug of 90 for ""Operation Desert Shield / Desert Storm."" 
I retired after 20 years on 1 April 1993."
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