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Souther, Ernie (1974-1977)

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Home Town: Livermore Falls Me
Unit at Loring: 2192 Comm Sq
First Day at Loring: March arrived between snow storms. Bought a trailer in West Gate Villa. Found out my duty station would be off base, on a hill near Caribou. Got Issued a Parka and found out I was there earlier than they expected.
Most Memorable Experience: Other than 2 kids being born and an 18 - 0 softball team. Guess it would have to be either "Roach Coach" cheeseburgers at the site, or being snowed in there with Al Mason and a person in the crypto room,
Last Day at Loring: Nov and headed to Fairchild for survival training, then on to Hurlburt field on the panhandle of Florida and becoming an aircrew member. 3yrs 8 months, 2 different jobs, 2 kids born, an 18 - 0 Softball Team and some life long friends. I'd say Loring was a very good chapter of my life.
What did you do after Loring? Finished up 8 yrs of active duty, became a single parent, spent 22 years in the air national guard. 5 of those as a 1st Sgt. Got 2 CCAF Degrees. Went Postal, worked in many different jobs and post offices and finally made Postmaster in my 23rd yr with the USPS. Now, approaching retirement 23 - 35 months, I'm looking forward to enjoying time with my family (5 Grandchildren), working my woodlot, learning new skills, and traveling - to include crossing off my 50th state (Hawaii).
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