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Spencer, Sheilah (1971-1972)

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Home Town: Chester, Pa
Unit at Loring: 42nd Supply Squadron
First Day at Loring: Cold, desolate, not a place I would have chosen. I cried the first week I was there....I had been assigned to one of the hardest and meanest anti women in service in Supply Squadrons on any Base - Supply Squadron, even today, are still very bigoted to women who serve and are assigned.
Most Memorable Experience: There wasn't any real "favorite story" of my time at Loring AFB. Almost as soon as I was assigned, I came under attack by the Bigoted CMSGT Gilbert Getskow and the other white male Sgts in the office where I was. I was tormented, harassed, sexually harassed, intimidated, and cruelly used with the assistance of SSGT Gary Parmalee, two SSgts, 2nd Lt, Major Leo Miceli, that lead to my having been raped. I was just 21 years old. I still bear the scars of what the men in my Squadron did to me at the bullying and approval of CMSGT Gilbert Getskow who I learned 30 years later, was  on Temp Duty Assignment and died eight years later. I was glad that he died. I hated him then - but, I have the last laugh - for his family, and those of the other men who did his bidding in my Squadron, their families continue to pay taxes that pay for my Veteran's Disability compensation each and every month - so, Getskow, the last laugh is on YOU! I hope you are burning in Hell....
Last Day at Loring: My last day was filled with anger, hurt, disillusionment, sorrow that my career in the Air Force was being curtailed due to CMSGT Gilbert Getskow and 1st Lt. All because Getskow was a Bigoted S.O.B. Because of them, I was raped and had contracted PID. I was in the Base hospital for ten days, and didn't learn until 2004, that there wasn't any cure, and that it can and did reoccur since then. Because of them...CMSGT Gilbert Getskow, 2nd Lt, SSgt Gary Parmalee, Jim and Bruce (Sgts), Major Leo Miceli - What they did and caused to happen - has stayed with me since then. I continue to pay for their cruelty, their bigotry. So, how was my last day at Loring AFB? Not a good one. For I had been forced out by these very same men.....I wasn't permitted or allowed to get another assignment to another Squadron or another Base. It was their Bigotry that I was forced to get a Hardship Discharge.
What did you do after Loring? Travelled abroad to England, Scotland, South Africa, Greece, Israel, France, Italy. Studied in the Visual Arts, worked as a Medical Assistance, Insurance Agent, Partner of a Maintenance Company. Became a Single mother of a son in 1981. Never married. Bought my own home. Became a Grandmother in 2005.
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