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Stewart, Jimmy (1975-1980)*

Profile Added: 5/12/2012 21:04:34
Home Town: Oregon
Unit at Loring: 69th
First Day at Loring: Drove up from Houghton, the last overnigt stop on the 3000+ drive from Oregon to Maine, and got there about noon on a Sunday I think.  I think I met up with Bob Drake, or maybe Gene Erickson.  Fonz was TDY to Utapo, the last gig for the 69th there.
Most Memorable Experience: I met Patti, one of the cooks from the alert facility and inflight kitchen the day after Thanksgiving in 1976.  We got married in June 1977.  In 1 more month...we've been married 35 years.
Last Day at Loring: Patti and I had a travel trailer and moved it to Uncle Noel's campground in Caribou.  Noel was a cook at the alert facility.  We stayed the last week in the camper and then headed west in June 1980.
What did you do after Loring? I was a railroader for a year or so and then became a career firefighter.  Spent the last 25 years or so in that business, 3ire departments, taught for 3 years, went around the world a few times, still going strong.
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